AWS Supports You | Using Amazon SageMaker Canvas to Generate ML Predictions Without Writing Code

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AWS Supports You: Using Amazon SageMaker Canvas to Generate ML Predictions Without Writing Code gives viewers on the channel an overview of Amazon SageMaker Canvas, the current state and issues with ML value creation, how to scale ML value creation by enabling analysts, and a thorough demo of how it works. This series showcases best practices and troubleshooting tips from AWS Support. This episode originally aired on April 11th, 2022.

Intro 0:00
Current State of ML Value Creation 5:36
How to Scale ML Value Creation 08:14
Challenges Analysts Face in Building ML 10:32
Intro to Amazon SageMaker Canvas 13:05
SageMaker Canvas Demo – Intro 21:47
Demo – Import and Join Data 26:06
Demo – Build Quick Model 31:32
Demo – Performance Metrics 35:59
Demo – Predictions 40:59
Demo – Standard Build 45:43
Demo – Studio Link Share 46:48
Demo – Other Problem Types 50:12
Demo – Unbalanced Dataset 50:46
Demo – Deploy Model 52:57
Demo – Explainability 53:33
Getting Started 54:42

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