Azure AD with PingAccess: Secure Remote Access to even more on-premises Web Apps

Ping Identity and Microsoft are collaboratiing to provide secure access to a broad spectrum of on-premises web applications through an integration between Azure AD Application Proxy and PingAccess.
Azure Active Directory as a leading cloud Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) solution can provide secure single sign-on (SSO) to thousands of cloud SaaS applications. Additionally, through a feature called Application Proxy, Azure AD can provide SSO and secure remote access to on-premises web applications, such as on-premises SharePoint web sites, RDP websites etc. However, connecting the full set of legacy and custom on-premises apps can be challenging especially if these apps are not standards-based. Ping Identity is an established identity leader specialized in on-premises identity management. Ping Identity has developed PingAccess that provides SSO and remote access to many different types, even non-standard based, on-premises web applications. This integration between Application Proxy and PingAccess allows enterprises to expand SSO access to even more of their on-premises web applications. The result is seamless and secure single sign-on for all applications for all users on all devices and clouds, without the need for a VPN. For more information, visit

Duration: 2:53
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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