Azure Cosmos DB: autoscale, session state, monitoring, and more | Azure Friday

Kirill Gavrylyuk, Matias Quaranta, Deborah Chen, and Estefani Arroyo join Scott Hanselman to provide another set of updates for Azure Cosmos DB. Learn about: using Azure Cosmos DB as a Session State Provider for ASP.NET Core; the latest updates for Azure Cosmos DB free tier; how to optimize cost and performance by scaling the throughput (RU/s) of your database or container automatically and instantly; and the great new monitoring and diagnostic features that make it even easier to monitor and debug your Azure Cosmos DB resources using insights, workbooks and logs.

0:00 – Introduction with Kirill Gavrylyuk
1:56 – Session state provider with Matias Quaranta
10:32 – Free tier with Deborah Chen
12:57 – Autoscale with Deborah Chen
25:18 – Monitoring and Diagnostics with Estefani Arroyo
33:21 – Wrap-up

🔗 Microsoft Caching Extension using Azure Cosmos DB (GitHub) –
🔗 Azure Cosmos DB free tier –
🔗 Create Azure Cosmos containers and databases with autoscale throughput –
🔗 Provision autoscale throughput on database or container in Azure Cosmos DB – SQL API –
🔗 How to choose between standard (manual) and autoscale provisioned throughput –
🔗 Monitor Azure Cosmos DB data by using diagnostic settings in Azure –
🔗 Monitor and debug with insights in Azure Cosmos DB –
🔗 Work with NoSQL data in Azure Cosmos DB learning path –
🔗 Create a free account (Azure) –

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