Azure Digital Twins demo | Creating replicas of real-world environments

Azure Digital Twins lets you model assets and environments ranging from factories, buildings, stadiums, and even cities and gain insights from previously disparate devices and business systems.

This demo shows how Azure Digital Twins helps people uncover more insights and how a global supply chain can operate smoothly.

1. With Azure Digital Twin’s modeling capabilities, you’ll see how to track both past and present conditions in your factories, transportation, and retailers.
2. The native integration with Azure Time Series Insights lets you discover anomalies in your product and correct the issues.
3. Combining Azure Digital Twins with machine learning models, you can simulate recovery possibilities and ultimately get production back on track.

See how Azure Digital Twins modeled the global supply chain and try out our demo and digital twins model explorer at:

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Duration: 00:06:53
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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