Azure Quantum Developer Workshop | July 2020

Do you want to become a quantum developer? This workshop is designed to help developers become quantum-ready and use the Azure Quantum service, including quantum hardware, software, and solutions, now available in public preview.

By attending this event, you can expect to gain a holistic understanding of the Microsoft Quantum developer ecosystem and the tools and resources available to kick start your journey to developing quantum apps.

00:00 Opening Remarks
0:08:10 Microsoft Quantum Overview
0:32:10 Azure Quantum Overview
0:53:38 Optimization Deep Dive
1:39:57 Q# and Quantum Execution
2:08:24 Virtual lab – using Q# and the QDK
4:21:31 Learning Quantum
4:41:24 Building a Quantum Community
5:02:04 Closing remarks

Learn more about Azure Quantum:

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Duration: 05:05:31
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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