Azure SQL Database: Columnstore indexes | Azure Friday

Davide Mauri is back with Lara Rubbelke to discuss columnstore indexes. In a typical relational database data is stored per-row. This means that all row columns are saved together, which is great in all those cases where you want to retrieve all the information related to a specific row. But what if you want to have all the data stored in a subset of columns but for all the rows? That would be complex and slow—unless data was saved per-column instead of per-row. That’s exactly what columnstore indexes in Azure SQL Database enables you to do.

00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Columnstore overview
07:00 – Demo: index creation
10:14 – Demo: querying with columnstore
13:53 – Demo: batch mode with LAG operator
15:00 – Wrap-up

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