Back to Basics: Best Practices for Deploying & Managing Cloud Servers

Setting your self up for success from the very start. We’re going to walk through the server build with an eye toward the implications and value in every decision.


Introduction (00:00:00)
Building a server (00:02:43)
Cloud Control Panel homepage (00:04:55)
Server tags (00:06:32)
Create and name a server (00:08:45)
Server region (00:12:06)
Flexibility of cloud (00:14:35)
Virtual servers and OnMetal (00:16:28)
Image operating systems (00:17:52)
Saved Images (00:22:53)
Flavors (00:23:47)
Flavor classes (00:27:56)
Boot from volume (00:31:21)
Advanced options and networks (00:32:50)
Backups and monitoring (00:36:48)
Behind the scenes (00:39:30)
Using resources (00:43:15)
Server details options (00:44:05)
Block storage snapshot (00:46:51)
Considerations when architecting a solution (00:47:44)

Duration: 52:1
Publisher: Rackspace
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