Backup Solutions Provider, NovaStor, Launches NovaStor xSP 18.5 for Managed Service Providers

NovaStor, an international provider of backup solutions, has unveiled NovaStor xSP 18.5 for managed service providers (MSPs). NovaStor xSP is a client server architecture that would enable “secured and reliable” backup services, with high scalability options.

Supporting Windows, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V and VMware, NovaStor xSP 18.5 allows clients to store data on local storage devices, or offsite in the service provider’s data center, or in the cloud storage environment hosted in their own data center. In the event of catastrophic failure, there is the added benefit of bare-metal disaster recovery images. Focused on supporting the latest technologies, this release would ensure that MSPs are geared up to keep their clients’ data safe now and for the future.

novastor backup solutionsThe newly included NovaBACKUP Granular Restore Tool would make it easy to pull very specific data from Microsoft Exchange mailboxes as well as Microsoft SQL Server tables. Users would benefit from greatly increased speeds of the read and search processes for Exchange Server databases.

Fast data transfer, high-grade security, military grade end-to-end encryption, and an easy to use interface would guarantee total customer satisfaction. A “highly developed” web based Central Monitoring Console would ensure effective monitoring and reporting. Having all of the necessary information available at one glance helps service providers to summarize accurate real time information for their customers.

“As more of our technology partners move towards models which build revenues through ongoing billable services, we’re seeing a lot of excitement around our MSP offerings.” said Ryan Cappricio, Head of MSP solutions. “In addition to offering support for all of the latest technologies, NovaStor xSP is brandable, giving MSP’s a fully customized front facing solution.”

More information about NovaBACKUP xSP:

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