Backup Solutions Provider Retrospect Expands Google Cloud Platform Integration to Google Cloud Storage Coldline

Retrospect, a provider of backup and recovery tools for professionals and small-to-midsize businesses, has announced support for Google Cloud Storage Coldline – a new long-term data archival storage class for Google Cloud Platform.

This new addition deepens Retrospect’s integration with Google Cloud Platform and allows customers to leverage Retrospect’s hybrid data protection solution to store business data off-site in a “cost-effective” long-term storage location.

google cloud platformAccording to Retrospect, Google Cloud Storage Coldline is an ideal storage class for data that is accessed less than once a year. With Retrospect, customers would be able to seamlessly back up to Google Cloud Storage Coldline “with no compromise on latency or availability.”

“We have worked closely with Google as a Technology Partner to add support for every storage class in Google Cloud Storage, and we’re excited to extend Retrospect to support this economical option for data retention,“ said Jean-Christian Dumas, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Retrospect. “Coldline is a fantastic option for our customers to leverage our hybrid data protection and store their critical business data on a long-term off-site medium.“