Backup your Website with Softaculous (Paper Lantern)

Learn how to make a back up of your Website using Softaculous. This allows you to restore your site to a previous state if you have problems. We recommend performing a backup of your website regularly, before applying updates, and prior to performing any major maintenance.

Below is a summary of the steps:
1. Login to cPanel.
2.Click the “Softaculous” button in the “Software/Services” section.
3. Click the “Application Installs” button.
3. Click the Backup icon next the the CMS you want to create a backup for.
4. Choose if you want to “Backup Directory” or “Backup Database”.
5. Click the Backup Installation button

Read more in our full guide: How to Backup your Website with Softaculous –

We also have a tutorial on how to Restore a Softaculous Backup –

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