Bacula4Hosts Releases Incremental Backup & Restore Capability for OnApp Cloud

Bacula4Hosts, a Canadian provider of enterprise data backup solutions, has partnered with cloud platform provider OnApp to release a multi-layer, incremental backup & restore capability for the OnApp Cloud platform.

cloud-backupThis new release of the Bacula4Hosts suite gives OnApp cloud providers and their customers a fully integrated self-service backup, restore and download capability for whole or granular file architectures, databases and database table sets. Bacula4Hosts has also a simplified licensing structure for OnApp cloud providers, and an automatic migration scheme for companies already using OnApp and Bacula4Hosts.

Backup & Restore OnApp

With OnApp and Bacula4Hosts, cloud providers can add incremental backup & restore to any hypervisor platform supported by OnApp, including Xen, KVM and VMware, and select any combination of hypervisors and/or virtual machines (VMs) for inclusion in the incremental backup scheme. Bacula4Hosts complements OnApp’s existing VM snapshot/template and scheduled backup capabilities. It backs up data that changes, providing near-continuous data protection and reducing network bandwidth and disk space required for backups. Data can be restored on demand from any available restore point.

“We designed the OnApp platform to be as flexible and extensible as possible, and our partnership with Bacula4Hosts adds some great new capabilities for OnApp customers,” said OnApp CEO, Ditlev Bredahl. “Incremental backup is a valuable feature for cloud end users, and the Bacula4Hosts platform just makes it really simple for service providers to offer that capability to their users. Like OnApp, it’s a technology designed for this market, and with some great pricing. I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of services the OnApp community can now take to market.”

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO