Bare Metal Cloud Infrastructure – Advantages for Channel Partners

Bare Metal Cloud Infrastructure – Advantages for Channel Partners

Business IT is undergoing major transformations. Service providers, integrators, and resellers are seeing increased demands for agile and DevOps-friendly solutions, including infrastructure.

Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) by phoenixNAP helps you support and steer your clients through these changes. Delivering the raw power of physical servers with cloud-like agility, BMC helps your clients meet their performance and scalability goals. Fully automated and non-virtualized, it simplifies infrastructure management tasks and eliminates the “noisy neighbor” effect.

Geared toward DevOps organizations, Bare Metal Cloud makes it possible for teams to treat physical machines as code. Your clients can use custom-built modules for popular Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform, Ansible, and Pulumi to easily provision, manage, and orchestrate servers at scale.
With more than 20 server configurations to choose from, your clients can easily create robust environments tailored to their performance needs. Hourly billing and monthly reservation options provide advanced level of flexibility when it comes to budget planning

With BMC, your clients benefit from:
• Reliable performance of physical machines coupled with cloud-like agility
• Hardware-level control over their infrastructure
• No vendor lock-in or proprietary technologies
• Flexible hourly pricing and discounts on monthly and yearly reservations
• The capacity to run any workload
• Maximum freedom to create highly customized environments

phoenxiNAP’s reliable solutions coupled with lucrative partnership programs and incentive plans help you grow your revenue faster. Contact us at [email protected] for details!

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