Barracuda Announces Availability of Its CloudGen WAF on Google Cloud Platform

Barracuda Networks, a network solutions vendor delivering cloud-enabled networking solutions, has extended its CloudGen WAF to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help customers defend against advanced layer 7 threats, OWASP Top 10, bots, DDoS, and zero-day threats.

With Barracuda’s CloudGen WAF now available for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), customers can migrate their existing applications while “maintaining consistency and control” by reusing existing Barracuda configurations and security policies for an easier experience.

“More customers trust Barracuda CloudGen WAF to secure their applications in cloud environments,” said Tim Jefferson, VP of Public Cloud at Barracuda Networks. “We’re excited to bring the Barracuda CloudGen WAF to GCP customers, delivering the benefits that a purpose-engineered solution like CloudGen can offer.”

GCP Deployment

Building secured apps natively in GCP would be quite simple with Barracuda’s CloudGen WAF which supports every billing model for more frictionless deployment in the cloud. Combined with a “fully featured” REST API and automated vulnerability identification and remediation tools, SecOps teams would be able to collaborate at the speed of DevOps and NetOps teams to “easily” deploy and maintain protection for applications.

“Bringing Barracuda’s CloudGen WAF to GCP will help customers adopt an even more comprehensive security architecture,” said Vineet Bhan, Head of Security Partnerships, Google Cloud. “We’re excited to roll out these capabilities and to continue collaboration with Barracuda to keep customers’ applications in the cloud secure.”

Barracuda Networks CloudGen WAF is available here from the GCP Marketplace through a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) offering.