Barracuda Networks Inc. recently stated that they are going to expand their portfolio related to the services and solutions offered to IT managed service providers. The organization has asked the providers to include Barracuda CloudGen Acess for MSPs. On top of that, Barracuda Networks also shared some important details regarding the cloud-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.

Barracuda Networks’ Senior Vice President and General Manager Brian Babineau said that organizations are moving with a hybrid approach towards the work scenarios for boosting their rapidly growing workforces. He further mentioned that the rollout of Barracuda CloudGen Access and modifications to the RMM are going to be the next major steps the company will take to extend support to MSPs.

He concluded his statement by saying that Barracuda Networks will be helping the MSPs in tackling security risks related to the work from anywhere environment and they will also help to build new business opportunities in order to give more secure and flexible access to the important data.

In November 2020, Barracuda Networks introduced the CloudGen Access just after it acquired Fyde. The procedure of deployment and management has been made easy for the MSPs by the addition of multi-tenant management and monthly pricing options for CloudGen Access.

Barracuda Networks provides MSPs an opportunity to protect their customers’ resources by focusing more on security services. Moreover, control over any unmanaged devices is also provided by Barracuda without making any alterations in the existing workflows of the customers.

Barracuda RMM’s Transformation

Photo Brian Babineau, SVP and General Manager Barracuda Networks
The rollout of Barracuda CloudGen Access and modifications to their remote monitoring and management platform are going to be the next major steps the company will take to extend support to MSPs, says Barracuda Networks’ SVP and General Manager Brian Babineau.

Previously, the Barracuda RMM was popularly known as Managed Workplace. Barracuda has been making new developments in the cloud based platform Managed Workplace RMM after acquiring it in the year 2019. The company connected the RMM to Office 365 APIs and integrated automated third-party software update and patch management.

The company, as quoted by the Senior Vice President, is completely dedicated to making the MSPs get proper growth. Barracuda is trying to offer the best possible combinations to secure various businesses for a whole life along with permanent solutions for the issues emerging out.

Not only this, but Barracuda is also launching a new RMM migration service in which a team will establish and configure the RMM. This will make sure that the requirements and priorities are considered. The new services by Barracuda include monitoring and alerting policies, branding, setup of service plans. In addition to that, the company also offers professional service automation tools, virtualization, Office 365, and backup.

Barracuda is an organization that is focused on producing enterprise-grade, cloud enabled security solutions. The services provided by the company would be easy to purchase and use. Barracuda provides protection for networks, data, applications, and email. As of now, the company is providing security solutions to more than 200,000 organizations.

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