Barracuda Unveils Email Threat Detection and Remediation for Office 365 Clients

Barracuda Networks, a global cloud-enabled security solutions provider has launched a new set of email security solutions. These comprehensive solutions would be easy to deploy. With these three new Email Protection plans, the company plans to address the newly emerging threat protection requirements of its customers.

With a blend of gateway and API-oriented AI technology, these security solutions would identify and solve threats efficiently to reduce the risk factors associated with malicious attacks. They work immediately and automatically by not allowing users to view or launch flagged emails.

Photo Don MacLennan, SVP, Engineering & Product Management, Email Protection at Barracuda
“Barracuda brings a unique combination of gateway and API-based AI technology to detect and remediate email threats in real time for Office 365 customers,” said Don MacLennan, SVP, Engineering & Product Management, Email Protection at Barracuda.

Recent attacks have exposed the vulnerabilities of Office 365 native security, stated Barracuda. They would also point out the fact that third-party solutions must protect their customers in a much better way.

Gartner observes that Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (MSDO) provides a myriad of email security features, but it fails to detect some malicious emails. According to them, the major reasons for this security lapse are the increase in account takeovers, business email compromises, and other ultra-modern attacks. Gartner reasserts the importance of organizations integrating third-party solutions to enhance their email security capabilities.

With these advanced solutions, Barracuda offers an extra layer of protection. Clients will receive a series of integrated and validated security capabilities to deliver the best protection for their people and business. These capabilities include:

  • Effective prevention of threats – Three new Email Protection plans of Barracuda bring a mix of cybersecurity, API-oriented inbox defense, and email-gateway defenses. This combination would prevent attacks to go through efficiently.
  • Advanced Post-delivery detection and response – Equipped with an automated response, Barracuda’s email security solutions would detect and restrict the threat impact effectively. The user-security awareness training also plays a prominent part in lowering the threat impact.
  • Enhanced data security – These solutions ensure 100% compliance and keep productivity high during downtime. They offer advanced backup support for critical Office 365 email and data. When there is data loss due to malware attacks, the recovery process would become easy and fast.
  • Automation of workflows – Users can create custom workflows with ease to automate incident response completely.
  • SIEM/SOAR/XDR integrations – These solutions come with productive Public-facing APIs to make third-party platforms integration effortless, which in turn enables a smooth and stable response to security events.

Barracuda Data Inspector – The data classification capabilities of these solutions help users discover sensitive data like Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and malware.

The new email protection plans of Barracuda are available to customers and partners in 3 different levels, Advanced, Premium, and Premium Plus. The Advanced category contains features like email gateway defense, phishing protection, and automated remediation.

The Premium level benefits include everything available in the Advanced level, domain fraud protection, data protection, and DNS filtering. The Premium Plus level offers all the benefits of the Premium level, security awareness training, archiving, data protection, and archiving.

“The threat landscape has evolved and, coupled with the gap in security professional talent facing most businesses, protecting against these threats is extremely complex. Barracuda Email Protection offers customers complete protection by combining gateway defense, API-based inbox defense, incident response, data protection, and user security awareness capabilities,” said Don MacLennan, SVP, Engineering & Product Management, Email Protection at Barracuda.

Barracuda was the first to bring an ‘API approach’ to impersonation and phishing protection – leveraging AI and machine learning. Today, we continue to lead with our unique combination of gateway and API-based AI technology to detect and remediate email threats in real time for Office 365 customers.”