BE Networks and Edgecore Collaborate to Enhance Data Center Networks

Edgecore NetworksMulti-vendor intent-based networking provider BE Networks together with Edgecore Networks, producer of network switch hardware and software, have announced a collaboration. Customers looking to transform the management, automation, and monitoring of new or old Edgecore campus and data center networks would benefit from this partnership’s combined offering.

Verity, the orchestration platform from BE Networks, helps enterprise IT teams design, deploy, and manage networks with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that frees operators from having to concentrate on the tedious, error-prone tasks of network service implementation. Verity does this by using IBN methodologies and streamlined automation.

In addition, Verity serves as a Network Source of Truth (NSoT), giving network administrators the ability to look up, examine, and display the performance and condition of any component of the network fabric in both the past and present. By significantly lowering event troubleshooting and remediation times, the comprehensive observability offered would help increase network uptime.

Verity is now able to handle a large variety of Edgecore Networks switch hardware and supported network operating system (NOS) software thanks to this relationship, giving network teams the ability to create and implement networks that are tailored to their own requirements. This covers network switching gear that is powered by BE Networks’ BENOS, EdgeCOS, and SONiC network operating systems. The SONiC Foundation receives contributions from Edgecore and BE Networks.

Architectural Freedom, Software-Defined Orchestration

In addition to preventing proprietary vendor lock-in and minimizing total cost of ownership, the collaborative product offering would assist clients in reconsidering how campus networks might be wisely managed.

According to Amir Elbaz, CEO of BE Networks, “BE Networks Verity is the ideal solution for companies looking to manage their new or existing campus and data center networks using advanced orchestration and intent-based network methodologies. We’re excited to collaborate with Edgecore Networks and provide complete support for their range of business-class switch gear. The alliance offers clients great architectural freedom along with software-defined orchestration by allowing them to choose from a variety of network operating system technologies, including SONiC.”

Nanda Ravindran, Vice President of Product Management at Edgecore Networks, said, “Edgecore is committed to providing open networking solutions for seamlessly managing campus and data center networks through our partner ecosystem. In addition to reaffirming this commitment, our strategic alliance with BE Networks gives companies the freedom to fully use reliable hardware platforms. This cooperation ushers in a new age of software-defined orchestration and unmatched architectural flexibility by providing clients with a compelling mix of innovation and adaptability.”

Verity licenses may now be bought directly via the Edgecore product ecosystem, without the need for complex feature tiering, and with a streamlined per-switch approach. Furthermore, clients get direct access to tier-1 and tier-2 technical assistance via the top-notch Edgecore Help Center. Customers may resolve network hardware, software, and fabric orchestration problems more easily with this support approach.