Beeks Financial Cloud Launches Beeks Marketplace

Beeks Financial Cloud, a global provider of financial cloud infrastructure, has announced the launch of Beeks Marketplace – a cloud-based portal that enables real-time connectivity to a variety of exchanges, data feeds, trading tools and news services.

Institutional traders, proprietary trading firms, brokers, wealth managers and high-end retail traders can use Beeks Marketplace for site-to-site and direct venue connectivity. Beeks Marketplace will act as a portal where customers can browse, research and purchase anything from cross-connections to security products.

beeks financial cloudUsers can purchase immediate connectivity using a credit card via Beeks Marketplace and have products provisioned in real-time. The offering would be quite unique within the industry, providing dedicated compute resources and allowing for real-time direct connectivity to over 100 venues globally.

“Our customers have been clamoring for this type of connectivity solution for quite some time,” said Gordon McArthur, CEO at Beeks Financial Cloud. “They want connectivity quickly, and don’t want to wait weeks to have secure, low-latency connections. Beeks Marketplace allows customers to be much more nimble in deploying trading strategies or infrastructure.”

All products in Beeks Marketplace will be available to any customer who has a dedicated server or co-location with Beeks – there are no separate tiers of subscription. The full offering is available now at

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