Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Computing | Executive ViewPoints: ExVPs Discover how cities can help the public with cloud computing.*Have a cloud computing question…Leave it in the comments section. Discover more Related Videos below. In this episode of Executive ViewPoints Trend Micro CTO, Raimund Genes, discusses how Cloud Computing is revolutionizing how people share and access digital information.

Cloud computing is a revolution in modern age which is
giving many benefits and opportunities like cost reduction
and organizational agilities. Trend Micro is a global IT security company that mainly enables content security like encryption, data protection, data access control. The Trend Micro CTO, Raimund Genes CTO talked about reliability, accessibility, data storage of cloud computing. Cloud technology is an evolution for the modern world because it changes the business models by opening opportunities for software companies and business. Virtualization makes cloud computing very effective because without virtualization, hardware can not be fully extended. Cloud protects encrypted email to the globe around.

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Duration: 3:30
Publisher: Cisco
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