Ben’s Story – Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

A wonderful insight into the life of 11 year old Ben Lyons (as told by his Mum and Dad!)

“Since Ben (pictured above) has been part of DMSF he has been able to face school life head on and find different ways to manage problems. This allowed him to do well in year 6, not only under the SATS pressure but also to have the passion to compete in both the quadathlon with DMSF and a biathlon for his school where he won an individual bronze with impressive times that were very hard to beat! Ben also used his speed during his hockey tournaments, where his team won the gold and went on to the city wide finals where they scooped the bronze.

“Since he’s left primary school, the current students all ask ‘how’s Ben doing?’. We’re proud to say they all want to be like him and because of this he goes back to Stanley Grove Primary Academy and coaches’ the football team as he wants the pupils to have the chance to win medals like him! Since joining St Peters high school, he’s already won a bronze medal in rugby. He shows great leadership, resilience and helps others wherever he can and has shown this side more so during the last few months when he has captained the teams. He has lead the rugby and football teams during some hard games and even when they have fallen behind he keeps the team going and has turned the games round many a time.

“Ben’s attitude and behavior have always been good, but since joining DMSF he has grown in to a role model that even the staff at the new high school are pleased to see, and have said they would love to have a class full of mini Bens!”

Duration: 3:38
Publisher: UKFast
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