Best of Both Cloud Worlds: An Open Hybrid Platform from Cisco and Google Cloud (Cloud Next ’18)

Cisco and Google Cloud are giving customers the freedom to develop and deploy applications securely, wherever they want, with a next-generation hybrid cloud solution based on 100% Kubernetes. The architecture brings together networking, security, management, data center, open-source, and API software and tools into a consistent and secure environment across on premises data centers and Google Cloud.

Developers can now leverage existing investments, by combining traditional on premises applications and modern public cloud services such as Google BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Pub/Sub, and others using Google Cloud Apigee. Or they can modernize existing applications on premises, easily and securely accessing them from a local Kubernetes service catalog.

This session will focus on the core architectural pieces required to meet the needs of application developers while ensuring the right controls and policies are in place to effectively manage a highly complex multi-cloud environment.

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Duration: 26:49
Publisher: Google Cloud
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