Best Practices from Google Production Security: How You Can Apply Them with Istio (Cloud Next '19)

Google production network security lead, Julien Boeuf, and Istio product manager, Samrat Ray, talk about zero trust network security principles that Google uses to protect millions of service endpoints in its production environment and how organizations can apply them using Istio. This is especially relevant to enterprises adopting containers and microservices — the dynamic and distributed nature of these new deployments and emergent threats within the network perimeter pose unique challenges to traditional network security approaches. Istio can help enterprises transform their security posture from just securing the edge to securing all inter-service communications deep within their applications.

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Speaker(s): Julien Boeuf, Samrat Ray

Session ID: HYB212
product:GCP Marketplace (Kubernetes Applications); fullname:Julien Boeuf,Samrat Ray;

Duration: 46:36
Publisher: Google Cloud
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