Big Data Processing with Google Cloud and Intel® IoT Gateway Technology

As the amount of data in our world increases developers are tasked with finding ways to ingest the data, process it, and create intelligence. In this session, we will build upon topics covered in the first webinar by using the previous data pipeline to connect to big data processing services in the Google Cloud Platform™. We will show you how to grab data from Cloud IoT Core and send it into Dataflow. We will also look at writing data into BigQuery and highlight the apache BEAM framework. Finally, we will visualize the data in Data Studio as a means of understanding the data.

The previous video in this three-part series can be seen here:

This video walks through using an Intel® NUC gateway and Arduino 101 sensor hub to gather environmental data and establish a data pipeline to Google Cloud Platform™.

Duration: 27:27
Publisher: Google Cloud
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