Big Switch Expands Cloud-First Strategy with AWS Public Cloud Monitoring

Big Switch Networks, the Cloud-First Networking Company, today announced general availability of Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) for AWS, a seamless deep packet monitoring solution that enables workload monitoring within customer specified Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). All components of the solution are virtual, with elastic scale-out capability based on traffic volumes.

“Big Mon for AWS enables organizations to easily monitor their AWS application traffic across multiple VPCs,” said Prashant Gandhi, Chief Product Officer, Big Switch Networks. “As enterprises expand their hybrid cloud footprint, they require public cloud applications to have the same level of visibility and security as on-prem applications while ensuring consistent policy and operational workflows. Big Mon for AWS provides an integrated, single-pane-of glass solution to easily achieve packet-and flow-level visibility of workloads in AWS.”

Today, organizations are challenged because public cloud providers do not offer sophisticated monitoring capabilities of VPC traffic for applications which reside in public clouds. Big Mon solves these monitoring challenges via a cloud-based solution in partnership with centrally located security analytic and monitoring tools. Powered by a centralized cloud controller, Big Mon brings a comprehensive packet-and flow-level visibility to the organization’s multi-VPC cloud workloads comparable to the visibility of on-premises deployments.

With the Big Mon solution, packets from multiple workloads across multiple VPCs are replicated and forwarded to the “monitoring VPC.” Big Mon’s elastic architecture scales out automatically as workloads and/or associated network traffic grows, for a continued visibility in an integrated, simplified manner.

Any AWS cloud-based monitoring or security tool can be connected to BMF for deeper security and application performance monitoring (APM). One example is Big Mon’s integration with Riverbed’s AppResponse Cloud. To obtain VPC application traffic, AppResponse Cloud works with SteelCentral agents and Big Mon as the Virtual Network Tap Aggregator. This joint solution provides real-time and historical network and application visibility in AWS public cloud.

Big Mon for AWS Capabilities

  • Centralized packet and flow-based monitoring of all VPCs of a user account
  • Visibility-related traffic is kept local for security purposes and cost savings
  • Monitoring and security tools are centralized and tagged within the dedicated VPC for ease of configuration
  • Role-based access control enables multiple teams to operate Big Mon
  • Supports centralized AWS VPC tool farm to reduce monitoring cost
  • Integrated with Big Switch’s Multi-Cloud Director for centralized hybrid cloud management

Big Mon for AWS consists of the following components

  • Big Mon Controller: a cloud-based controller that enables AWS workload discovery, automatic monitoring of customer selected workloads, and centralized policy configuration, as well as support for customer-defined elastic scaling options for pervasive visibility in an intuitive and easy to use manner.
  • CloudLight AX: a lightweight software agent that installs automatically on AWS instances selected for monitoring. It mirrors the traffic from the workloads to send it to CloudLight VX for further processing.
  • CloudLight VX: a lightweight virtual switch software managed by the Big Mon Controller. It filters traffic received from one or more CloudLight AX agents, optionally applies packet-modification functions, and delivers the resulting traffic to the cloud-based centralized tool farm.

More information

“As mainstream applications migrate to public cloud, the need for deep application visibility becomes very critical,” said Nik Koutsoukos, VP, Product Marketing, Riverbed. “Riverbed and Big Switch are partnering to offer an application performance monitoring solution for AWS which enables VPC-level monitoring, thus enabling consistency with on-prem applications. The joint solution offers a unified and comprehensive approach for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.”

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