Big Switch Networks to Launch Unified SDN Stack with Bare Metal and Hypervisor Switches

sdn-switchThis week, at the Open Networking Users Group Conference hosted by JP Morgan, Big Switch Networks has previewed a Unified Physical+Virtual (P+V) SDN switching fabric. The upcoming release from Big Switch due out next year, is driven by OpenStack for application awareness.

The Software-defined Networking (SDN) software stack is spanning a fabric of bare metal (physical) and hypervisor (virtual) switches, driven by OpenStack. In contrast with overlay/underlay SDN architectures, Unified P+V SDN designs would deliver end-to-end automation for massive operational simplification and end-to-end traffic visibility for troubleshooting. The Unified P+V SDN designs are compatible with today’s L4-L7 services.

Benefits cloud hosting providers

By removing barriers across application, network and security teams, application-aware SDN fabrics would be able to dramatically speed up application deployment. Big Switch Networks claims that combining a Unified P+V SDN controller, bare metal switch hardware and OpenStack automation puts network CapEx and OpEx levels comparable to Amazon EC2 within reach for a broad range of enterprises and cloud hosting providers.

The Unified P+V approach versus the overlay/underlay approach would be the fundamental architectural choice facing datacenter operators over the next few years looking to build both public and private cloud infrastructures. Big Switch is convinced that Unified P+V can provide many of the benefits without the integration complexity and high price points of overlay/underlay designs.

“We are seeing tremendous demand for OpenStack-based networks that are competitive to Amazon EC2 in cost, features and automation,” said Kyle Forster, Big Switch Network co-founder. “There is simply no way to get there without the economics of bare metal switch hardware, the feature set of OpenStack, and the automation that comes with P+V SDN.”

Open Big Switch Networks’ open SDN solutions embrace industry standards, open APIs, open source, and vendor-neutral support for both physical and virtual networking infrastructure.  The company is privately held and has raised over $45 million from Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital, Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and others.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO