BigQuery GIS – A GeoVisual Exploration (Cloud Next '19)

This demo will execute 100 geospatial SQL queries and display them on a map using BigQuery GIS and BigQuery GeoViz. Using geo datatypes like Points, Lines and Polygons, it will showcase the various geospatial functions that are available within BigQuery by executing them to form first a simple visual and gradually build up to a very complex geographic visual. Join for a quick understanding of the simplicity and power of the geospatial capabilities available in BigQuery.

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Speaker(s): Kannapan Sirchabesan, Thinh Ha, Rachael Deacon Smith

Session ID: DZ206
fullname:Kannappan Sirchabesan,Thinh Ha,Rachael Deacon Smith;

Duration: 11:12
Publisher: Google Cloud
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