Black Box Unveils Its Acuity Micro Data Center Solution

Systems integrator and technology products innovator, Black Box, has announced the release of its Acuity Micro Data Center solution. Black Box Acuity combines “best-in-class” data center technology with mobility and efficiency to ensure readiness in a single form factor portable enough to fit into a commercial airline overhead storage compartment.

Black Box Acuity delivers “mission-critical” capabilities such as data security, ease-of-use, and voice, video, and messaging functionality in a weight of “only” 30 lbs. The new data center solution is designed for mobility and security with removable cards (just pull and go) to maintain integrity in emergency situations and in a variety of terrains.

“The design of the Acuity edge solution ensures complete agility within the system,” said Ken Kincel, Product Director of Edge Data Solutions, Black Box. “Acuity not only provides speed and efficiency but delivers substantial cost savings compared to current systems where it can take days or weeks to get emergency data center services up and running.”

Load Balancing and Failover

With Acuity, one person would be able to set up and deliver critical communications, applications, and information anywhere in the world “in about two hours.” In the case of a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or harsh operating environments, this increased efficiency can be lifesaving, stated Black Box.

Equipped with a full data center suite, Black Box Acuity would enable the following: Unified Capabilities (voice, video, chat, and presence), identity management, session migration, load balancing and failover, secure vector routing, micro/hyper-segmentation, virtual network function (VNF), replacement for multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and VPN, centralized management (automation and orchestration), open standard/architecture, secured voice gateway, Windows active directory services, Exchange 2016 and Outlook, and private and public cloud services.

“The Acuity Micro Data Center can be outfitted and customized for a myriad of applications and operating systems,” said Jeff Murray, Senior Vice President – Government Solutions, Black Box. “The core system is equipped and configured to offer complete voice and data communications in a DIL environment with access to applications as predefined by the mission leaders for each environment.  Acuity is not like any other product on the market as it delivers a Capability out of the gate.”

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