Blacknight Solutions Launches Jelastic Powered Cloud Platform in Ireland

Blacknight Solutions, an Irish owned and based company, accredited domain registrar and hosting provider, has launched a new cloud hosting platform in Ireland powered by Jelastic – a provider of containerization for DevOps and turnkey private, public and hybrid IaaS/PaaS cloud solutions.

Ireland has a burgeoning startup tech scene and many of the world’s leading tech companies are based there such as Google, Facebook and Etsy, as well as Irish talent like Foodcloud and Soundwave. Blacknight hopes to attract interest for their PaaS from DevOps who want to have flexibility, security and a reliable cloud environment. 

cloud-hosting-jelastic“Blacknight’s new Jelastic powered cloud will help give Irish and European developers and startups the flexibility and control they want without the dangers of unexpected overages,” said Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight Internet Solutions. “We chose to offer Jelastic over competing services because it combines best of breed technology with a truly unique platform allowing our customers to work faster and smarter. Also, Blacknight Solutions operates all of our hosted services through our in-house, green, data center meaning that our customer’s data remains in Ireland.”

From the beginning, Jelastic has been a pioneer PaaS using containers virtualization technology for application deployment, lifecycle management, scalability and ZERO CC (zero code changes). In addition, Jelastic provides unique vertical scaling for all application containers with load spikes and variable loads in general. The granular vertical scaling would provide the ability to automatically scale up and down stateful apps, legacy apps and apps that were not designed for horizontal scaling, resulting an easy way to migrate and improve existing workloads.