Blockchain and Cloud Services Provider TAOP Expands Hong Kong Data Center

TAOP (NASDAQ: TAOP), a blockchain technology and smart cloud services provider, has commenced its data center expansion project in Hong Kong. By the end of January 2022, the expansion of their Taoping G Cloud Hong Kong Data Center should be completed.

Hong Kong is an attractive data center site for Taoping Inc. (TAOP) because of its high-capacity fiber connectivity and world-class infrastructure. The expansion plan demonstrates the company’s confidence in building the digital currency industry in Hong Kong following the data center’s debut in May 2021.

TAOP is a blockchain technology company that also offers smart cloud services. The company is committed to blockchain technology and digital assets research and application, and it is working to boost processing power and produce value for the encrypted digital currency business. Based on its self-developed smart cloud platform, TAOP also delivers solutions and cloud services to industries including new media and artificial intelligence (AI).

Servers Suitable for Ethereum

This expansion will take place in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. In the data center, TAOP intends to put more general-purpose servers suitable for Ethereum. The enlarged data center’s processing power may be doubled after it’s finished, with a total hash rate of 700GH/s and a monthly output of 350 Ether by the first quarter of 2022.

“We have made good progress on digital currency business since the launch of Taoping G Cloud Hong Kong Data Center,” said Mr. Jianghuai Lin, Chairman and CEO at TAOP. “The expansion of the data center is expected to meet the company’s growing demand for cloud computing resources and support growth for related business.”