Blockchain Basics – Training with phoenixNAP and Desert Blockchain

Presenter: Jay Carpenter from Desert Blockchain
Supported by: Rick Estrada from phoenixNAP

Blockchain is one of the leading topics in technology today. With the buzz generated by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, leading companies and industries are striving to see how blockchain can revolutionize their businesses. Learn the basics of blockchain for Business over lunch.

Learn why leaders in different industries are leveraging this hot technology and understand the concepts associated with building a blockchain network. Did you know it is possible to digitize code and insert practically any document into the blockchain?

Attend our free seminar and build a blockchain with other attendees to help further your understanding of how the technology works and the business use cases that are driving the new technology.

Make Blockchain technology work for you! When deploying Blockchain technology, security, scalability, and performance are key. Learn about advantages of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors architecture to fast track your blockchain adoption. Future-proof your business now!

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Duration: 00:44:39
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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