Bluebird Network Acquires Illinois Network Alliance

Bluebird Network, headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, providing Internet and fiber transport services to carriers and enterprises in Missouri, Illinois, and the surrounding states, has acquired Illinois Network Alliance (INA). This integration of INA under Bluebird ownership would help bring cohesion and operational efficiencies to the Bluebird portfolio of services.

With a continued strategic focus on the Midwest, the acquisition would empower Bluebird to further strengthen its fiber services and high-bandwidth network solutions for cell towers, hospitals, schools, government facilities and other businesses. While Bluebird has always served as manager of INA, this new ownership role will enable Bluebird to strategically expand its capabilities and offerings between INA and other Bluebird infrastructures.

Both respective networks will be grown together and expanded further into new and underserved areas. Bluebird stated it will maintain its dedicated level of personalized customer service while expanding through the acquisition and subsequent fiber buildouts.

“Bluebird is thrilled for the opportunity to support INA in this new role,” said Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network. “This acquisition will further our legacy as one of the leading fiber providers in the Midwest and grow our efficiencies and offerings to our customers.”

Bluebird Underground Data Center

Bluebird supports enterprise, carrier and data center customers with a portfolio of network services. This includes secured bandwidth, metro Ethernet, Wide Area Network Ethernet, dedicated Internet access, E-Line services, Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (E-LAN) and mobile backhaul transport services.

Bluebird’s fiber optic infrastructure connects to the Bluebird Underground Data Center, an underground colocation facility located in Springfield, Missouri, which is currently undergoing a major expansion to more comprehensively support expanding customer requirements. This underground data center was acquired by Bluebird Network in 2014. The Bluebird Underground Data Center is located 85 feet underground in Springfield, Missouri, protecting data from natural and unnatural disasters.

This announcement comes on the heels of Bluebird’s acquisition by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners, and its acquisition of PEG Bandwidth IL, further underpinning the company’s trajectory of growth and supporting its mission of delivering enhanced value, reliability and capability throughout the Midwest.

This transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary terms and conditions. It is expected to be closed by the end of the second quarter of 2020.