BoldGrid Development Groups

When working within your BoldGrid site, you will need to pay attention to the different development groups.

The main ones used in BoldGrid are the “Active” group and the “Staging” group.

The “Active” group deals with your live version of the site. The Staging group deals with your Staging site, which is the version most often used for development.

You will notice there is a “Development Group” column on the “Pages” list page. You will need to pay attention to the development group when you are working here.

For example, if you are going to edit the About Us page for your live site, you will want to be sure you select the one that has the “Active” development group so that your changes show immediately.

Likewise, making changes to the About Us page in the “Staging” group will change the page in your development version. The Live version will stay unaffected.

One other place to py close attention to the “Development Group” is when saving new pages.

After you have entered all the new content for your new page and you are ready to save, you will need to select which development group to save it to.

Just above the “Publis” button, you will see two radio buttons under the heading “Development Group”. You need to select which one you want to publish the page to. If you do not select one, the page will be saved to the “Active” group by default.

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