Brace Introduces Web Hosting For Designers And Digital Agencies

web-hosting-provider-dropboxBrace, a web hosting provider from San Francisco, has launched technology that would reduce the time required to design websites and publish online content, integrating directly with existing design workflows, using Dropbox to transfer files and deploy to a cloud environment in just one click.

The new web hosting offering by Brace would simplify the work of designers and digital agencies. One of their challenges is navigating a laundry-list of features for creating their project, many of which aren’t necessary for the majority of websites. Brace makes the design process faster with automatic design iteration, making collaboration simpler from concept to deploying a live website.

Breaking it down to the most common web design requirement, hosting static content like HTML and CSS files, Brace provides a design experience that would be literally as simple as clicking ‘save.’

Using Dropbox

“Web designers need tools that help them to produce content for several different devices and publish in seconds,” said CEO and cofounder of Brace, Cole Krumbholz.

Brace works with the industry’s most popular web design and development tools for editing code, image and video. Designers can iterate on a design without affecting the live website. Borrowing from the developer world, Brace introduces automatic versioning – each website has an online draft that stays current with Dropbox and a production version that’s available to the public. Changes appear immediately.

“Web design is no longer about making pretty pictures for one screen, today you need interaction and a way to produce content for several different devices,” said CEO and cofounder of Brace, Cole Krumbholz. “Designers need tools that help them see how a design works online, collaborate easily and publish in seconds. That’s what Brace was designed to do.”

National Geographic and Social Print Studio

Since October’s beta release, Brace has provided its new web hosting offering to more than two thousand websites.

“Brace allows me to get static sites up quickly and make adjustments that are instantly reflected on the site without the hassle of learning a new a CMS or updating templates in WordPress,” said Web Barr, Digital Producer at National Geographic.

Benjamin Lotan, director of Social Print Studio, an independent print studio and digital agency in San Francisco said, “With Brace my team can update designs from anywhere, and I don’t have to hassle with FTP.”

San Francisco’s Brace offers web hosting specifically built for designers. Brace is produced by Sendspree Inc., a Heavybit company.