Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e3 / Dan Morales, CIO, eBay

Today Brad hops in the car with Dan Morales, the CIO of eBay.

This episode starts with a curveball: Brad knows what it’s like to have a really common name, so he tries to get to the bottom of which of the 3,073 Dan Morales’ on LinkedIn this Dan really is. It turns out he is not the guy preparing tax returns for celebrity pets – but he did race Michael Johnson and Carl Lewis in college.

In addition to being really fast, Dan has some great advice about the qualities he looks for when he promotes IT managers to leadership roles, and he also talks about the steps his organization took to simultaneously go mobile and boost productivity. His vision is to make his workforce equally productive no matter what device is being using – laptop, tablet, or phone.

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Next week, they wrap up this discussion by talking about the pros/cons of failing in a way that actually means you were successful (but is also still kind of failing). It makes sense in context.

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