Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e6 / Simon Cheng, Lululemon (part 2)

In the second half of Brad’s conversation with Simon Cheng (Manager of Corporate Technology at Lululemon), they talk about how often he gets requests for discounts on Lululemon gear, as well as how Lululemon’s IT organization has structured its infrastructure to support the company’s culture and the needs of its workforce to operate in ways that suit their roles and working preferences. Simon’s team has developed some ingenious ways to use technology to extend Lululemon’s positive culture to offices all over the world.

Simon also talks about how he uses Shadow IT to learn about the needs of a workforce that is changing demographically and has expectations for new or evolving ways to work — you can check out this section of the discussion around 2:34.

Simon also shares a really valuable insight about designing technology with the end-user in mind. Clicking through countless screens is easy for engineers – but not much fun for someone who’s racing to get work done.

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