Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e7 / Lookout

In this episode, Brad talks with Lookout (the same team that identified the Trident/Pegasus intrusion and the vulnerabilities they exploited in iOS) about the emerging threats they see for enterprise IT teams. In particular, they discuss how to be proactive about security when most organizations no longer have a perimeter.

The good news, they explain, is that EMS + Lookout integration allows IT admins to see any device on the corporate network, the apps on that device, and the malware on those devices – all of which helps admins avoid an “Oh [You-Know-What] Moment.” All of this comes through massive datasets of threat intelligence being used in real time.

Just to emphasize none of these solutions are theoretical, the guys discuss how to get started with EMS + Lookout integration today. If you want to know how many of the devices in your network are compromised right now – this is how.

To learn more about how top CIO’s stay secure + productive, check out this new report:

Next week, in an unprecedented 3rd episode with a guest, Brad and Andrew Wilson (CIO, Accenture) lay out the dollars-and-cents reason diversity is so valuable to a company’s bottom line.

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To learn more about Lookout’s role in addressing the Trident/Pegasus intrusion, check out this post from Brad:

Duration: 4:9
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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