Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e8 / Andrew Wilson, CIO, Accenture (Part 3)

Andrew Wilson (CIO, Accenture) is the first “Lunch Break” guest to show up for a third time – and the topic we discuss could not be more important.

Organizations all over the world are examining how make their themselves more diverse, inclusive, and socially responsible. Andrew and Brad look at this critical topic from another angle: In order to effectively operate in a diverse world, organizations have to reflect that diversity and heterogeneity in their workforce. Diversity isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also good for business.

Andrew points out that, as the demographics of modern companies continues to change, every organization will be judged by potential employees based on their commitment to these principles. The best ideas, the best products, and the best companies will come from the organizations willing to embrace and pursue diverse people and perspectives.

Brad and Andrew also share advice for IT teams working at companies that do not place a high value on the IT organization: How to get your department noticed, valued, and established as a relevant part of the business.

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Next week, season 4 wraps up with outtakes – the stuff that was left behind out of each conversation, but is too good to leave out completely.

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