Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s5 e1 / Mary Jo Foley

In the Season 5 kickoff, Brad talks with journalist Mary Jo Foley about what keeps her interested in Microsoft, what it was like covering the company back in the 80s, and what she saw as our lowest point.

Brad and Mary Jo also discuss what silverback gorillas and tech reporters may or may not have in common, as well as what her readers tell her about the work Microsoft has done to support our apps across platforms.

If you’ve ever wondered wonder what Microsoft’s telemetry tells us about the types of devices used in businesses worldwide, stick around until the end – Brad drops a few hints.

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Next week, Mary Jo and I wrap up our conversation the way she gathers inside info on Microsoft and the things the company has done that surprise her the most.

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Duration: 7:34
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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