Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s5 e10 / Jeffrey Snover (part 2)

This week Brad wraps up his conversation with the father of PowerShell and a Technical Fellow at Microsoft – the one and only, Jeffrey Snover.

Brad and Jeffrey discuss what it’s like to get recognized by strangers at a remote Bed & Breakfast, and Jeffrey looks back over his career at Microsoft to examine the company’s biggest missed opportunities – and how those experiences changed the way we built our cloud.

They guys also talk about helping customers and partners overcome technical challenges that have already been solved, as well as why you should never put your money under a mattress.

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Next week, we finish off Season 5 with outtakes from every guest – it’s the stuff that landed on the cutting room floor but is just too good to leave out.

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Duration: 6:1
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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