Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s5 e11 / Outtakes

Season 5 concludes with a look back at the best conversations that just barely missed the final cut in the previous episodes.

Jeffrey Snover tells a story about getting into a big disagreement with Bill Gates. Mary Jo Foley talks about whether or not Microsoft loves when she gets product information ahead of time. Brad and Paul Thurrott talk about watching “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and seeing so many things that they lived through dramatized for the small screen – and whether or not the events of the present day are even more exciting than those early years. Don Jones talks about how and why IT has gotten harder but also a lot more interesting.

Brad also asks about internal identity thefts at Microsoft, he quizzes a couple authors on the resale value of their books on Amazon, and he discusses the importance of feeding and nurturing your career so that it’s ready to take care of you when times get tough.

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Stay tuned for Season 6 later this summer – it’s… big.

Duration: 8:55
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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