Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s6 e2 / PJ Hough, Chief Product Officer, Citrix (Part 2)

In part 2 of their drive, Brad and PJ (Chief Product Officer at Citrix) discuss how the escalating power of mobile devices isn’t just changing the way people work – but it’s drastically changing the way companies like Microsoft and Citrix build software.

The guys also talk about the advice they give to IT leaders about how to coach their company’s leadership through the early stages of digital transformation, and they analyze the famously bizarre headlines that keep popping up in Florida.

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Next week, Brad meets up with Karyn Jeffries, the Head of Digital Workplace Services at Fujitsu. They talk about the Japanese X-League and a fascinating study Fujitsu recently conducted with 1200 IT Pros.

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Duration: 4:47
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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