Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s6 e3 / Karyn Jeffery, Fujitsu

Today Brad hits the road with Karyn Jeffery, a leader at Fujitsu responsible for their Digital Workplace Services.

Brad and Karyn talk about Fujitsu’s long history in the IT business (only HP and IBM are older), as well as the Japanese X-League (American Football teams with rosters filled exclusively by the companies which sponsor them), and how Fujitsu strategically uses VDI.

They also discuss as fascinating study Fujitsu conducted last year with 1200 IT leaders all over the world. Some of the results (how they plan to stay relevant, how they plan to use partners, what they anticipate their business will look like in 5 years, etc.) are pretty remarkable.

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Next week, Brad and Karyn wrap up their conversation while discussing Fujitsu’s 1991 cd-rom gaming console and whether or not using passwords is a security gamble.

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