Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s6 e4 / Karyn Jeffery, Fujitsu (Part 2)

In part 2 of Brad’s discussion with Karyn Jeffery (Fujitsu, Digital Workplace Services), they discuss what Fujitsu expects Microsoft and Citrix to keep doing, as well as the lost video game titles from Fujitsu’s 1991 cd-rom gaming console.

They also discuss a question from Karyn about whether or not relying on passwords is a security gamble, and Karyn explains the improvements she sees in her customers as soon as they adopt the cloud.

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Next week, Brad meets up with best-selling author, Forbes contributor, and keynote speaker Jacob Morgan. They discuss his research on positive and negative workplace culture, and what his research has discovered compels people to stay at their job.

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Duration: 5:40
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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