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Deepak Kanakaraju is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Bangalore, India. Digital Deepak is also an Author, Speaker and Trainer in the field of Digital Marketing. Digital Deepak blogs about digital marketing tips at this blog

Digital Deepak started a free digital marketing training to which anybody could sign up and got a series of sessions with it to learn from, for example- Lesson 1- Introduction to Digital Marketing, Lesson 2- Various models in Digital Marketing, Lesson 3- Best way to learn Digital Marketing and so on. Along with this he asked them to join a group for the same. He’s spent around 50000$ in Facebook Ads for driving traffic to his landing page for digital marketing. He was able to spend this much because as soon as people joined his course, it all got compensated. These paid ads have also got him likes on his facebook page. He moved on to start his Adwords course, then his facebook course, SEO course, and the revenue kept increasing with each course which led him to reinvest everytime he earned revenue. Digital Deepak talks about his vision for this group to be the largest group for digital marketers in India and his agency as the No.1 Digital Marketing agency in India.

Another thing that he has been doing is taking constant feedback from his audience and having a close conversation with them to understand what they want. What he learnt from these conversations was that when you get digital marketing training module by module, many people don’t get to practice it side by side as they either don’t have access to laptops or don’t work for digital marketing agencies. He later learnt that a major chunk of his audience were aspiring digital marketers and didn’t have practical work experience. One major realisation was that digital marketing couldn’t be taught all at one go and should be taught session by session and each topic from these different sessions should be taught hand in hand from learner to expert level. He tried to inspire everybody to start their own blog so that they could gain practical knowledge along with theoretical. From this he got an idea and launched a 100 day blogging course.

The idea behind this 100 day blogging course was that he would start a blog again (Bikerbot which was about motorcycles) and whatever activity he did to make the blog right from registering a domain name and everything else for 100 days, he would record that as a video tutorial and post it on his blog. This helped him inspire a whole new generation of digital marketers to move ahead in the digital marketing field.

His advice for an aspiring digital marketer is to start his own digital marketing agency or work as a digital marketer for an agency to gain hands on experience. Digital Deepak suggests to start their own blog to demonstrate their skills and that would help recruiters from digital marketing firm to know what the candidate is capable off and would work as a brownie point too instead of just having a word about you skill in your resume but nothing to show your skill set. This suggestion is from his own personal experience where he got hired only because Digital Deepak was able to showcase his skills through his blog.

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