Braze Co-Founder Jon Hyman on How Tech Humanizes Communications Between Brands and Customers

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Whether it’s via phones, cars, speakers, or even watches, brands have an ever-increasing number of places to reach consumers. The catch, however, is that consumers are getting savvier—and more demanding—about how brands are engaging with them. As Braze co-founder and chief technology officer Jon Hyman notes, if consumers are getting a message from a brand, they don’t necessarily care or even understand that it’s from the company’s email team or from the app team. “All they care about is: is it delivering a great product experience, is it valuable to me, is it adding value, and is it relevant to me,” he says. Watch Hyman explain how his marketing startup Braze uses technology to humanize communications between brands and their customers on a global scale.

Duration: 3:37
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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