Brillio and Coats: Customer success story with SAP HANA on Azure

Brillio helped Coats, a UK-based global leader in thread, yarn, and consumer textiles, move to SAP on Azure. Challenge: customer demand, on-demand delivery without stockpiling, delivery guaranteed for exact colors. Turnaround went from 48 hours to 4-8 hours.

Coats needed agility, performance, scalability, and deliverability. They moved from Oracle and IBM; now all DBs are on HANA. Benefits: cost efficiency (TCO up 60%, efficiency up 30%), faster time to market (same day factory planning), operational efficiency (reports that took 6 hours now take 10 mins, a 98% improvement), and real-time insights (data-driven insights enabled accurate demand forecasting & sales projections).

Using Windows app servers on the frontend and SAP HANA on SUSE Linux in the back-end enables a stable and cost-effective environment.

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Duration: 20:44
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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