Bring compute, storage, and intelligence to the edge with Azure Stack Edge | Azure Friday

Dipti Pai joins Scott Hanselman to show how to run containerized and VM workloads to get quick, actionable insights at the edge—where data is created—using purpose-built hardware-as-a-service with Azure Stack Edge.

0:00 – Overview
0:55 – What is Azure Stack Edge?
4:09 – Azure Stack Edge in the house
6:18 – Azure Stack Edge in the Azure portal
9:23 – Demo
16:36 – Microsoft Hardware Experience app
18:38 – Wrap-up

◉ Azure Stack Edge –
◉ What is Azure Stack Edge Pro with GPU? –
◉ Microsoft Hardware Experience app (iOS) –
◉ Microsoft Hardware Experience app (Android) –
◉ Create a free account (Azure) –

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Duration: 00:19:27
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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