British Gaming Mogul Paul Wedgwood Joins Gcore’s Board of Directors

Gcore- HollywoodEuropean CDN, edge computing, and cloud hosting solutions company Gcore is bolstering its strategic leadership by bringing on board Paul Wedgwood, a renowned figure in the world of video gaming and entrepreneurship, as a Non-Executive Director. This move would signal a strategic shift for Gcore, aiming to leverage Wedgwood’s deep insights and experience as it navigates an expanding global market.

Paul Wedgwood, a name synonymous with innovation in the online video gaming industry, is set to play a pivotal role in shaping Gcore’s future. His hiring would be a calculated move to further solidify Gcore‘s dedication to providing innovative, secure, and intelligent online solutions rather than just adding another member to the board. The CEO of Gcore, Andre Reitenbach, stated his excitement about Wedgwood’s joining and emphasized the importance of his extensive expertise in advancing the company’s goal to improve online experiences.

Paul Wedgwood, known for his dynamic approach and a track record of successful ventures, shared his excitement about his new role. He highlighted Gcore’s impressive network performance and its commitment to delivering innovative and secure solutions to leading global organizations. Wedgwood’s belief in Gcore‘s potential to shape the future of the internet is a testament to the company’s growing influence in the tech world, according to Gore itself.

Serial Entrepreneur

Paul Wedgwood
“As a company with outstanding network performance, providing easy-to-use, innovative, and secure solutions to the world’s leading organizations, I strongly believe that Gcore is helping to shape the future of the Internet,” said Paul Wedgwood.

The journey of Paul Wedgwood is one of extraordinary achievements and entrepreneurial spirit. From his early days leading Clan EarthQuakers, he became one of the world’s first eSports television presenters and commentators. His shows ‘Lock n Load’ and ‘Quake Republic’ were not just entertainment but a window into the burgeoning world of online multiplayer video games.

Wedgwood’s most notable achievement was the founding of Splash Damage in 2001. Under his leadership, the company developed several number one hits across renowned gaming universes like ‘Wolfenstein,’ ‘Doom,’ and ‘Batman Arkham.’ Splash Damage, which was sold for over $70 million in 2017, would be a testament to Wedgwood’s vision and business acumen.

His entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop there. Wedgwood founded Supernova Capital LLP and turned around Flying Wild Hog, a gaming studio on the brink of bankruptcy, into a profitable enterprise. His ability to transform businesses is further evidenced by his successful sale of Flying Wild Hog for $137 million in 2019.

Hollywood Filmmaking

Mr. Wedgwood’s impact on the gaming industry would extend beyond game development. He founded and WarChest, creating and releasing titles that achieved significant success. His games and businesses have won over 300 awards, including several Game of the Year and Best Developer of the Year accolades. In 2017, he earned the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Company award for exceptional staff morale, a first for a AAA games studio.

Expanding his horizons, Wedgwood stepped into the world of filmmaking with Entropy Pictures. His debut as an executive producer in the Hollywood thriller ‘The Kill Room’ would showcase his versatile talent and vision.

Gcore’s decision to appoint Paul Wedgwood is a strategic move aimed at harnessing his unique blend of industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative thinking. As Gcore embarks on its journey of global expansion and technological advancement, Wedgwood’s role would be crucial in steering the company towards new heights.