Broadcom and Google Enable VMware Cloud License Portability

Broadcom boothBy allowing the migration of VMware Cloud Foundation licenses to Google Cloud VMware Engine, Broadcom and Google Cloud are slated to transform how enterprises use cloud infrastructure. With the ability to buy VMware Cloud Foundation software subscriptions from Broadcom and utilize them on Google Cloud VMware Engine as well as inside their own on-premises data centers, this effort would represent a step toward giving clients freedom.

Customers using VMware Cloud Foundation on Google Cloud VMware Engine will be able to keep their software subscription rights under this new plan. In addition, they will be free to move their subscriptions between supported environments based on their operational requirements. It is anticipated that this breakthrough would improve the ubiquity, flexibility, and integration of private cloud architecture across cloud endpoints, providing a smooth transition between private and public clouds.

Current VMware clients may now transfer the value of their subscriptions to Google Cloud VMware Engine, allowing them to switch between on-premise frameworks and Google Cloud for their VMware Cloud Foundation subscription as needed. Because of its adaptability, businesses may satisfy evolving business needs with existing infrastructure without having to make large extra expenditures.

The advantages of this partnership were highlighted by Krish Prasad, General Manager of Broadcom’s VMware Cloud Foundation business, who said, “VMware by Broadcom is adding new levels of flexibility, investment protection, and lower TCO for VMware Cloud Foundation with support for license portability.” He emphasized that clients using Google Cloud VMware Engine with VMware Cloud Foundation will benefit from an effective cloud operating model that blends the security and performance of the private cloud with the scalability and agility of the public cloud.

Cloud Migration and Digital Transformation

Google Cloud’s Vice President and General Manager of Compute and ML Infrastructure, Mark Lohmeyer, emphasized the company’s commitment to making clients’ cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives easier and more cost-effective. He said, “As the first public cloud partner to announce plans to support VMware Cloud Foundation license portability, Google Cloud remains committed to improving our customers’ cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives’ simplicity and cost-effectiveness.”

Customers would be able to seamlessly transition virtual machines and workloads to Google Cloud thanks to Broadcom and Google Cloud’s relationship, which closely integrates with Google’s networking architecture.

  • Use well-known VMware tools to manage cloud resources and access native containerized apps for efficient operations
  • By expanding workloads onto the Google Cloud Platform and only paying for resources that are used, you can save operating costs and total cost of ownership
  • Use BigQuery, AI, and machine learning apps from Google Cloud to turn data into insights that can be put to use
  • Boost security and dependability with industry-leading technologies including private high-speed networking on Google Cloud and VMware NSXIn the second quarter of 2024, this method for using cloud infrastructure will become available to the general public, bringing with it a new age of efficiency and flexibility for cloud computing for enterprises throughout the globe.