Brocade Announces New Hardware Modules and Software for Its MLXe Series Routers

Brocade has announced new hardware modules and software for the Brocade MLX Series routers, facilitating a smooth transition between legacy networks and networks designed for the New IP, which are driven by an increased demand in social technology, mobile devices, and cloud hosting environments.

Today’s organizations are encountering challenges in scaling existing network bandwidth and supporting increasing numbers of users and devices that require highly dynamic networks.

To address these needs, Brocade has delivered software enhancements to the Brocade MLXe carrier-class routing platform, including support for OpenFlow 1.3 with features to help organizations deploy new application- and user-specific services in a secure manner. Delivered in Brocade MLXe programmable hardware, the Brocade OpenFlow 1.3 implementation provides fine-grained control for highly customized services at scale.

Flexibility and features

brocade-routersThe new hardware modules provide a mix of high port density, wire-speed scale-out single-chassis performance, and scale for simultaneous support of both IPv4 and IPv6, which is designed to help prevent Internet outages from route table explosion.

Built with the Brocade VersaScale processor, this sixth-generation programmable silicon is a Brocade innovation that would deliver the flexibility and features of software with the performance and scale of hardware. Designed for the most demanding service provider and data center networks, these elements would address immediate business needs while providing flexibility and investment protection for the future.

New Supporting Elements for Brocade MLX Series Routers:

  • 20-port 10 GbE Interface Module with combo 10/1G support and MACsec encryption
  • 2-port 100 GbE Interface Module with CFP2 interface
  • Significant OpenFlow 1.3 features including SSL/TLS and Accounting with QoS, Group Table, and QinQ
  • Unmatched SDN performance with full 12-tuple L2+L3+L4 matching for up to 128k flows with support for full 100G flow size
  • First carrier-grade open solution for end-to-end multi- data center orchestration via OpenStack
  • Advanced forwarding scale for up to 2 million IPv4 plus 800,000 IPv6 routes
  • Agile programmable networks via Brocade VersaScale processor
  • Industry-leading wire-speed scale-out performance with deep buffers and high port density
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