Brooks Brothers: Business Critical SAP with AWS Cloud to Serve Customers and Save Money!

Brooks Brothers, American’s oldest clothing retailer, explains how they built a modern state-of-the-art SAP environment in the cloud. Using X1 instances, that are backed by the Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 family and over 8x the memory than any other Amazon EC2 instance, Brooks Brothers had the agility to develop their new certified environment quicker than previously possible and then the scale to reach all their global customers as and when required. The flexibility of the cloud and the use of AWS Quick Starts for SAP based on CloudFormation allowed quicker, and therefore more cost effective, deployments and to therefore support quicker iteration on upstream digital systems. Learn more at –

Host: Craig Lawton
Speakers: Phillip Miller, Head of Infrastructure & CISO

Duration: 7:20
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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